Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Dear Readers,

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Monday, June 29, 2009


kenapa MarineOmega??..
sebenarnya, anak2 saya mudah sangat sakit.. diorg tamau makan Scott Emulsion.. so, as a replacement, diorg boleh kunyah and everytime gigit ada bunyi bulp!.. hehe done!

Otherwise, boleh pecahkan, and tuang krill oil tu dalam susu atau pun air ribena..
mmg sedap!

Lagi sebab MarineOmega..

Omega-3 Supplement With Krill Oil*

MarineOmega is a dietary supplement that provides essential omega-3 fatty acids and krill oil rich in EPA and DHA for optimal health and wellness, including normal heart function, brain function, immune health, and joint health.

Who Should Use This Product?

MarineOmega is for all individuals seeking the anti-aging benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in optimal levels. Adults and children who do not consume five to six servings of fish each week, or who choose to avoid the risk of toxins and heavy metals common to fish, should take MarineOmega.

Hurm.. rasa nya aku ngan anak2 aku dah terlebih ikan pun, but nvm..
anak dara aku hates protein so much..

Minuman ruji anak2 saya termasuk mak dia sekali sekarang.. kenapa? sebab sedap..

most important is, because of this

Yakult is a world pioneer and leader in the field of probiotics.

haha.. dun care laa..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Siti Nurhaliza

I am NOT CT's fan but just get to know that she had performed at Istana Budaya last night for her concert called SATU.. SITI and SATU.. haha

After years, I started to listen to her again, for this song.. CAHAYA CINTA

Till today, Im still not her fan but I do admit that I love this song.. hehe

Sorry CT.. *wink*

Aku gemuk?

okeh.. ini saje gambar yang aku dapat godek dari lappy ni.. lain2 password protected.. tak kira macam mana MrA ajar/tulis password dia, aku still tak blei bukak.. haha

Recently, aku ada berjumpa dgn a few makhluk Allah ni for some electrical related advise for project untuk client aku.. so, after my groceries shopping, we met somewhere nearby for a drink.. okehhh dia tak blei minum kat Starbucks sbb 'boikot' itu kedai.. takpe la.. aku beli juga Frappucino bg dia minum.. kasi basah tekak la org cakap.. masa tu aku jumpa depa dgn MrA.

Dengan ketinggian MrA, buat aku jadi Gemuk Pendek..

After few weeks, a fren dat introduced me to that guy and his wifey told me dat ada cakap2 belakang yang.. actually... aku sendiri tak heran la babe!

the wifey said : wahh macam mana ini couple? the wifey gemuk but the hubby kecik jek.. sure the wifey ganyang the husband habes-habesan..

(in my mind was thinking.. apa punye kolot la ini orang)

then I replied my fren, I told her that I never bother these kinda of people.. and my husband is not kecik as they thought la..


hmm.. macam2 punye orang daa..
aku pun boleh cakap husband dia besar gedabak, macam mana pulak dgn dia yg comey lote tu?

Am I compaining? naa... I am sharing with all of you ok..


haah... many was asking am I doing Luxor? naaa.. I am playing Luxor game :p

sometime, its a must to spend a couple of minutes to play this game.. keep continuing the level and after a few days, after 5-10 mins a day, I manage to play up to Level 5-4.. seronok juga..

reason being, its a must for me to relief my brain from working or thinking of all negative things.. once a while after think of the 1x5, tapi tak dapat, sangat sakit hati..

but 1 fine day I will get my 1x5 ;P

sekarang nak concentrate settling all my debt first..
selagi tak habis, no shopping, no new bags, no new shoes, no new clothes..
nothing I can buy..

It's Cupcakes Season

Meleleh je haku tgk cupcakes masa tgh lapar ni..
So far, in any event, blum pernah saya order cupcakes ni..hmm

Sexy Cupcakes From Azreen's Oven
u can contact her via email mrssani@yahoo.com

Yang dua gambar atas ni, kak Mastura yang buat.. cantik.. sweet...
Teruja tengok yang ada bunga2 tu. Boleh tengok banyak lagi kat web kak mastura,

Beside that, I tau ramai lagi yg jual online..
Ladies now very creative oredi.. saya sangat teruja!


Saya tak pandai buat cake ok... PEACE

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering our King of Pop

Rest in peace
Michael Jackson @ Mikaeel

He is a legend. Has build his name worldwide thru various songs. He is a superstar!
He died at the age of 50 due to cardiac arrest.. sigh

I believe we can always make a better living..
Start to change our lifestyle, start with ourselves.